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This Event is for You...

Are you an artist looking to level up their career? Join us to discover decades worth of advice compacted into an exciting week of learnings. We will focus on the four areas that you need master in order to thrive in your artist journey.

The 4 Pillars


○ Career planning ○ Talking and writing about your artwork

○ Sustainable income strategies ○ Teaching as source of income

○ Getting clarity on what you want ○ Mindset for rejection and grit

○ Problem solving when stuck ○ Focus vs experimentation


○ Finding Your Voice ○ Making your most authentic art

○ Prolificness inside the studio ○ Productivity outside the studio 

○ Energy & Time Management ○ Daily Rituals ○ Handling the inner critic

○ Discipline vs Inspiration ○ Process vs Outcome


○ Building a Support Community

○ Networking for Introverts ○ Expanding your Contacts 

○ Cultivating relationships at scale with technology 

○ Artist residencies ○ Winning art grants


○ Instagram for artists ○ Get Into a gallery ○ Art fair success 

○ Finding your audience ○ How to sell your work in person 

○ Partnering with charities ○ Self-curating your show 

○ What it takes to get your artwork in museums

What Exactly Will I Get Out of Attending this Virtual Summit?

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Fine Artist Summit:

  • A behind the scenes look at what gallery directors think is the right way to approach them.
  • Why some artists manage to multiply every opportunity they get into many more.
  • How to organize your day so that you can prioritize studio time without neglecting the business side.
  • The best tools to show your work online and keep everything up to date.
  • How to build a network in the art world - even if you are introverted.
  • The right and wrong ways of using social media to expand your art's reach (including Instagram).
  • How to talk about your artwork with confidence and without feeling salesy.
  • The hard earned lessons from established artists looking back at their success, so you can save yourself time and frustration.


Those doubts are real: the chances of you being one of the few people that can live from an artistic activity are low. Even if you do everything right, some luck will be required... but you need to increase the probability of that luck happening.

Juan Garaizabal Monumental Public Sculptor


You have to define success for yourself in a way that is under your area of control, and really stick to that commitment. Because there are going to be disappointments, and rejections... and if you let them convince you that you are not successful, you are going to give up. And the self critic will come in and just destroy everything.

Alyssa Monks Figurative Painter

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Featured Expert Sessions


Alyssa Monks - Fine Artist

November 22, Friday

Facing the inner critic & becoming a professional

In this session, we're going to learn how to stay motivated. How to stop the self critic from sabotaging progress, and the difference between process versus product.

Gigi Rosenberg - Author of The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing

November 22, Friday

How to talk about your work & win art grants

In this session we are going to dive in into what does it take to win grants, how of find them and how to successfully secure them, and also how to speak about your artwork, how to have conversations, whether it is with your neighbor or with the museum curator about who you are and what you do.

Ryan Stanier - Founder of The Other Art Fair

November 22, Friday

How to get discovered - and rise to the occasion

In this session, Ryan will share what he is looking for when scouting for new talent around the world, and the one thing that can make an otherwise promising artist be the wrong fit to work with, he will explain his thoughts on how the artworld dynamics are changing today, and what you can do as an artist to increase your odds of success - while enjoying the journey

Stephen Bauman - Fine Artist

November 22, Friday

Facing the artist journey with positivity

In this session, stephen will share how he developed confidence in his own artwork, the importance of appreciating the work of peers artists you meet on your journey and letting them know, and strategies to achieve consistent income by having different levels of pricing that makes your work affordable to different circles in your audience, and how online teaching can enable you to work with people from around the world without the cost of traditional workshops, and how his mindset of positivity has been key to help him move forward.

Clint Watson - Founder of FASO.com

November 22, Friday

Level up your artist website

"In this session we're going to learn what mistakes to avoid in your artist website, the best way to keep in touch with your collectors and fans, and easy ways to improve your existing site."


David Kassan - Fine Artist

November 23, Saturday

Making An Impact As An Artist

In this session, David shares his thoughts on the entrepreneurial side of being an artist. Some of the topics we discuss include how he got his first galley contract before even finishing art school, how he has used innovation to create a deferred income, his thoughts about his massive online following and the most important thing that an artist about to get started in the art world should keep in mind.

Vicki Krohn Amorose - Author of Art-Write

November 23, Saturday

How to write about your art & your show press release

In this session, Vicki will teach you how to write an artist statement from start to finish, the difference with your bio or cv, and to write to a press release to get visibility for your show.

Heather Bhandari - Curator and author of ART/WORK

November 23, Saturday

Showing your art in galleries and alternative spaces

In this session, Heather will share her thoughts on the right and wrong way to think about getting gallery representation, common misconceptions about the art world, alternative avenues that you should seriously consider, and the role of generosity in a long term artist's career.

Li Chevalier - Fine Artist

November 23, Saturday

International mindset: from galleries to museums

In this session, Li with share the importance of being represented by someone else like an assistant or agent to talk about you before you personally meet the curators, the behind the scenes conversations that take place before you get to show your artwork in museums, and the importance to applying to free open international competitions. how to build a world class art network and the role that social media play in it. special advice to women artists.

Dennis Osadebe - Fine Artist

November 23, Saturday

How to become an international artist from the start

In this session, Dennis will share how he jumped from south africa to new york by applying to art fairs, on from then on expanded globally, the demons that come with being an artist, and the danger of getting obsessed with other artists instead of focusing on your own work.

Sophie Lucas, Fair Director at The Other Art Fair Brooklyn & Chicago
Jessica Chow, Senior Fair Manager of The Other Art Fair UK

November 23, Saturday

Art Fair Advice for Artists

In this session recorded from NY in the morning, London in the afternoon, and Tokyo at night. the importance of having a consistent image when applying to an art fair, not just in your portfolio but everywhere. the risk of making assumptions when speaking with people in an art fair. how to make it easier for art fair visitors to buy your work, and how to make the most of bigger opportunities like working with sponsors and brands that meet you at the art fair.


Colin Davidson - Fine Artist

November 24, Sunday

Staying grounded and true to your work.

In this session, you we learn how Colin transitioned from a successful graphic design practice to being a full time painter, how following his curiosity led to his widely acclaimed celebrity portraits, and how despite the fame he has kept himself grounded and focused on what really matters.

Elaine Luttrull - Founder at Minerva Financial Arts

November 24, Sunday

Portfolio career for artists & How to price your work

In this session, Elaine shares her framework of the portfolio career for artists, showing how your income sources change as you move through your art career, and you should not expect it to be a straight line, she shares her model for pricing your artwork, and the mindset of taking little steps of change, because your artist journey will probably cover your entire lifetime.

Elizabeth Garvey - Private Art Dealer

November 24, Sunday

Auction Houses and Private Dealers

In this session, Liz will share how you can get advocate to do most of the networking for you, how the artworld is very intimidating to most new collectors, how to find out which are reputable places to show your work, why you should visit the major auction houses, and how to use online alerts to know what people are saying about you, and the easiest way to get your work into a museum.

Nancy Hillis - Author of The Artist's Journey

November 24, Sunday

Creating your deepest and most authentic art

In this session, Nancy will help guide you as an artist to create your deepest and most authentic art through her signature approach which combines creativity and psychiatry. We'll touch on how to face the white canvas and feel doubt. We'll talk about the zero to one concept, and we'll also address the most important habit you need to develop to be a prolific artist.

Ali Cavanaugh - Fine Artist

November 24, Sunday

How to be featured in art magazines

In this session you will learn how to get your artwork featured in art magazines, how she managed to get a book about her artwork published, and how to nurture your relationship with your work so that it stays true to you as you evolve.


Juan Garaizabal - Monumental Public Sculptor

November 25, Monday

Mass media for professional artists done right

In this session, Juan shares why the art world is like a love seduction, where you approach indirectly instead of forcing others to fall in love with you, and why it is like war, where you need to give it your all and even then success is not guaranteed, and how a mindset of where can you add value changes everything when creating opportunities for your art career.

Rosalind Davis - Fine Artist & Author

November 25, Monday

Organizing a self-curated group show

In this session, Rosalind shares how can you organize and curate your own show without needing a gallery's permission by collaborating with others artists that you look up to, increasing your visibilty, contacts and opportunities.

Eliza Roberts - Executive Director at ResArtis.org

November 25, Monday

Artist Residencies: how to research, apply & benefit

In this session Eliza will share the kind of artist residencies out there, how can you find the right one for you, and how they are not just a way to grow not your career but grow yourself as a person while exploring the world.

Hannah Cole - Tax Expert & Working Artist

November 25, Monday

Getting you art finances under control

In this session, you will learn how hiring an accountant can actually save you money, low hanging fruit to lower your taxes as an artist, and empowering recommendations for your long term financial future.

Miriam Escofet - Fine Artist

November 25, Monday

What it takes to win a prestigious prize

In this session, Miriam will share how winning the prize changed her artist career with an abundance of opportunities, and challenges that come with it. She will share how what may look like an overnight success was actually decades in making, and her recommendations for having a long term sustainable artist journey.


Olivia Kemp - Fine Artist

November 26, Tuesday

The First Five Years After Art School

In this session, Olivia will share how to transfer online opporutnities of social media into offline opportunities, her simple system for juggling social media, email, and making artwork, how to get your first exposure with mass media by partnering with film students, and the importance of inviting key people to your studio for some cake and tea. avoiding pitfalls when getting paid by galleries.

Dina Brodsky - Fine Artist

November 26, Tuesday

Instagram for fine artists

In this session, you will learn how artist and social media influencer Dina Brodsky recommends you use social media to connect with other artists and opportunities the right way, how to grow your following, and her philosophy to just keep knocking on doors, because eventually something will open.

Eri Takane - Curator & Project Manager at Google Arts & Culture

November 26, Tuesday

Advance your career with an international artist manager

In this session, Eri will share her perspective on China, Japan, and American exposure and differences between these markets. How it is all about the network. The importance of having a studio to show your work. How an artist manager can help you, how does a relationship with one start, and different ways of working with them. How you can look at an artists bio you admire to get hints on the path they took to help illumniate your own and the importance of face to face beyond internet.

Francis Giacco - Fine Artist

November 26, Tuesday

Starting your art career winning a national prize

In this session, Francis shares the importance of learning technique to express your art, the luck factor in how different decades bring different opporutnities.

Kathleen Dunphy - Plein Air Painter

November 26, Tuesday

Growing Your Art Community While Living In The Countryside

In this session, Kathleen will share her daily routine as a plein air painter, how you always have to raise your standard, and what to remember in times where you just cannot seem to get your artmaking sessions to unfold as would like. She shows us her beautiful studio in the midst of nature, and how she built and then nurtured her art network despite living in the countryside.


Loribelle Spirovsky - Fine Artist

November 27, Wednesday

Success as a young self-taught artist

In this session, Loribelle explains how she did not plan to not be a professional artist, the story behind her first artwork sales, her first prize competition, and how she accelerated her artist career through hard work, taking risks and saying yes to all opportunities that arised. Now with a strong social media audience, Loribelle will share the steps she took to get build her audience, and the questions she asks herself to continue growing as an artist.

Jason Horejs - Author of How to sell art

November 27, Wednesday

How to sell your art and get gallery representation

In this session we're going to learn how sales is not some dark magic, but a specific kind of conversation, one you can master as an artist. We're also going to discover the step-by-step strategy that Jason recommends to get gallery represented.

Drew Struzan - Artist & Illustrator

November 27, Wednesday

Master your craft and knock on doors

In this session, Drew shares how he started literally as a starving artists, broke into the music industry making covers, and ended up as Hollywood's #1 poster artist. HIs motto to pursue peace, pursue kindness, comes across in this session.

Lynn Guo - Artist & Co-founder of The International Arts & Culture Group

November 27, Wednesday

The Artist as Entrepreneur

In this session, Lynn shares how artists and entrepreneurs are both creators, how she decided to give herself permission to create not just in her artwork but in her life, and how one opportunity to teach a workshop planted the seed to launch the international arts and culture group, in six months going from not having run a workshop before to hiring 12 artists to run the workshops.

Glenn Vilppu - Fine Artist & Art Instructor

November 27, Wednesday

Turning teaching into your art

In this session, Glenn shares how everything he does comes from studying the old masters, how he started by working at night so that he could draw during the day, his focus on the fundamentals, how he has ignored fashion his whole career to follow his own course. and how his passion for teaching became his calling.


Kristjana Williams - Fine Artist

November 28, Thursday

How multiply the reach & income of every artwork

In this session, Kristjana will share how you can scale the reacha and income of every piece of artwork you produce beyond the first sale, how to see opportunities to show your work around you as you move through your city, and how she used art fairs to create opportunities for major collaborations

Maria Brophy - Art Agent & Author "Art, Money & Success"

November 28, Thursday

Find your audience & fill your show with buyers

In this session, Maria will share how to find your audience and go where those people are, even if you make abstract art. how to start your first DIY show in 3 months and getting the right people to attend by naming it right, how to partner with charities in a way that benefits both you and them, and how to know when you are ready to start with an artist agent. and the one question to ask yourself every time you face a challenge in your business side of your art.

Scott Breton - Figurative Fine Artist

November 28, Thursday

Productivity in the studio

In this session, Scott will share advice on productivity and prolificness as an artist, the need to figure out the ideal work or arena you want to be play in, and make sure that thre is a certain amoutn of time every day or week that you play there, the importance of knowing what you can and cannot control, and how to set up your studio space to increase the odds of having a good art making session.

Wright Harvey - Founder of Sugarlift Gallery

November 28, Thursday

Setting goals for a sustainable artist journey

In this session, Wright will share the importance of knowing what success means to you as an artist, and drafting a strategy and plan to make sure you are moving in the right direction for you. he will also share tips on building your brand to get commissions from organizations, and tactical mistakes to avoid that could hurt your artist career.

Paul Dorrell - Author of "Living the Artist's Life"

November 28, Thursday

Portfolio development & partnering beyond galleries

In this session, Paul will share his tips for crafting an artist portfolio that makes your work shine in the best light, how to know when you are ready to show your work, his strategies for partnering with architects and interior designers, and his thoughts on drugs, depression and success in the artist journey.

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How Would You Like to Access 30+ World-Class Fine Artist Summit Masterclasses?

These sessions will show you mindsets and strategies that top fine artists and art world gatekeepers use and recommend. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.

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