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35+ Expert Masterclasses

How to talk about your work & win art grants

Gigi Rosenberg - Author of The Artist's Guide to Winning Art Grants

Facing The Inner Critic & Becoming A Professional

Alyssa Monks - Fine Artist

How to sell your art and get gallery representation

Jason Horejs - Author of How to sell art

Creating your deepest and most authentic art

Nancy Hillis - Author of The Artist's Journey

Level up your artist website

Clint Watson - Founder of

How to be featured in art magazines

Ali Cavanaugh - Fine Artist

Staying grounded and true to your work.

Colin Davidson - Fine Artist

Instagram for Your artist Career

Dina Brodsky - Fine Artist & Social Media Influencer

Portfolio career for artists & How to price your work

Elaine Luttrull - Founder at Minerva Financial Arts

Artist Residencies: how to research, apply & benefit

Eliza Roberts - Executive Director at

Getting you art finances under control

Hannah Cole - Tax Expert & Working Artist

Showing your art in galleries and alternative spaces

Heather Bhandari - Curator and author of ART/WORK

Organizing a self-curated group show

Rosalind Davis - Artist & Author of What They Didn't Teach You In Art School

How to write about your art & your show press release

Vicki Krohn Amorose - Author of Art-Write

Mass media for professional artists done right

Juan Garaizabal - Monumental Public Sculptor

Turning teaching into your art

Glenn Vilppu - Fine Artist & Art Instructor

Master your craft and knock on doors

Drew Struzan - Legendary Artist & Illustrator

Advance your career with an international artist manager

Eri Takane - Curator & Project Manager at Google Arts & Culture

Starting your art career winning a national prize

Francis Giacco - Fine Artist

The Artist as Entrepreneur

Lynn Guo - Artist & Co-founder of The International Arts & Culture Group

Art Fair Advice for Artists

Sophie Lucas - Fair Director at The Other Art Fair Brooklyn & Chicago
Jessica Chow - Senior Fair Manager of The Other Art Fair UK

Growing Your Art Community While Living In The Countryside

Kathleen Dunphy - Plein Art Painter

Productivity in the studio

Scott Breton - Figurative Fine Artist

The first five years after art school

Olivia Kemp - Fine Artist

Find your audience & fill your show with buyers

Maria Brophy - Art Agent & Author "Art, Money & Success"

International mindset: from galleries to museums

Li Chevalier - Fine Artist

What it takes to win a prestigious prize & what happens next

Miriam Escofet - Fine Artist

Facing the artist journey with positivity

Stephen Bauman - Fine Artist

Working Hard & Taking Risks

Loribelle Spirovski - Fine Artist

Auction Houses and Private Dealers

Elizabeth Garvey - Private Art Dealer

How to become an international artist from the start

Dennis Osadebe - Fine Artist

How To multiply the reach & income of every artwork

Kristjana Williams - Fine Artist

Portfolio development & partnering beyond galleries

Paul Dorrell - Author of "Living the Artist's Life"

How to get discovered - and rise to the occasion

Ryan Stanier - Founder of The Other Art Fair

Setting goals for a sustainable artist journey

Wright Harvey - Founder of Sugarlift Gallery

Making an impact as an artist

David Kassan - Fine Artist

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