​Top Artist Podcasts

We have curated a list of top art blogs and art bloggers that share useful information for your artist journey. Don't see one you love? Let us know and we will be happy to review and consider adding it to the list.

​Suggested Donation

At 50 episodes and counting, Suggested Domain continues its devotion to all forms of the arts. Sometimes there are a couple of months before a new episode is posted, sometimes multiple episodes are posted in a month. In any case, conversations with guests can result in sometimes unexpected insights into various aspects of the art world.

The podcast is hosted by contemporary painters Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff. Fellow artists who have made appearances as guests include Julio Reyes, Candice Bohannon, Robert Liberace, and Shana Levenson. Curanaj and Minoff also talk with other figures in the world of art, including curators, restorers, craftspeople, and even chefs and tattoo artists. Healthy debates are encouraged--even when the hosts and guests don't see eye to eye on certain topics--as opportunities to broaden horizons and educate listeners. Visit Suggested Donation to take a listen.

Artist Decoded

​Visual artist Yoshino started Artist Decoded podcast in 2015 to have conversations with and between artists, to embark on a journey of self-exploration as well as to learn about what makes other artists tick. The archive documents episodes from as few as once a month to as much as six times a month.

With co-hosts Justin Daashuur Hopkins and Saman Kesh, Yoshino and others on Artist Decoded aim to break down the mental barriers that artists tend to set up and encourage different ways to perceive contemporary art. The podcast also features guest interviews who have made their mark in the arts, including Tunde Adebimpe, Nolwen Cifuentes, Jarell Perry, Hannah Vandermolen, and John Wentz. Among the numerous guests who have made an appearance are director of photography Nikolaus Summer, author Mari L. McCarthy, and artist/Vajrayana practitioner Alex Grey. Check them out at Artist Decoded.

​Beyond the Studio

​Learning about what visual artists do behind the scenes is what the Beyond the Studio podcast is all about. Conversations revolve around ways in which artists sustain their creative juices and tackle the challenges of running an art business: dealing with financial issues, time management techniques, setting realistic goals, handling rejection, and more.

Past guests who have been featured in the podcast include screen printer Luke Martin, who talked about working as a freelancer; fine artist and sculptor Cindy Cheng, who elaborated on the details of the grant process; and multidisciplinary video artist Ranu Mukherjee, who discussed working with galleries and museums.

The podcast is hosted by painter and muralist Nicole Mueller and fiber artist Amanda Adams, who met in art school and later became close friends. Hear them out at Beyond the Studio.

Artists Helping Artists: Selling Your Art On-Line with Leslie Saeta

​Ranked as the top art show on Blogtalk radio, Artists Helping Artists is a podcast hosted by Leslie Saeta. In the first episode, which ran in 2010, she talked about ways in which artists can sell their work online. The topic is an inexhaustible source of ideas, as the podcast has shown and continues to show in the 400+ episodes since then.

Many other issues have been discussed by Saeta and her co-host Margaret Sheldon. They've explored ways for artists to get inspired about their art, the ins and outs of setting up an offsite studio, the benefits of taking little breaks now and then, and many more. There have also been interviews with artists including Kathy Anderson, Colin Page, and Jerry Fresia.

Saeta is an artist who creates vivid, colorful paintings using a palette knife. Her successful art career is due in part to her non-traditional marketing approach. Listen to her at Artists Helping Artists.

The Thriving Artist

​Produced by the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists, The Thriving Artist podcast is hosted by corporate storyteller and digital ecologist Daniel DiGriz. With episodes dedicated to the topic of visual art as a business, it's a valuable online resource for both emerging and seasoned artists.

The topics that the podcast highlights include sales strategies, legal and logistics issues, project management, finance, branding and marketing, and art and technology. Interviews are conducted with experts in the art business: artists, gallerists, collectors, and many others. Guests who have made an appearance on the podcast include artist Noah Scalin, painter and educator Mandy Theis, trainer and consultant Angela Heath, and publisher Eric Rhoads.

DiGriz co-founded the management consulting firm Free Agent Source and owner of a branding specialist firm called MadPipe. Listen to him and his guests at The Thriving Artist.

​Savvy Painter

​Helping artists deal with the challenges of opening and building an art business is the Savvy Painter podcast's overarching goal. It's hosted by Antrese Wood, an American artist who lives in Argentina.

Interviews are held every other Thursday with artists and visionaries who are successful in their careers. In one episode, painter Susan Lyon talks about being inspired by fellow Americana artists and practicing meditation to deal with stress. In another, Kenny Harris discusses self-promotion and understanding the ebb and flow of art sales. The impact of social media on art is the topic of another episode featuring John Wentz.

Signing up for an account and subscribing to the email list provides access to exclusive content, free guides, special downloads, and an opportunity to join a mentorship program. Learn more at Savvy Painter.

​​Artists in Business

​Drawing from her experience as a successful business developer and a performance artist, Alexis Fodor imparts nuggets of wisdom in her podcast Artists in Business that are of immeasurable value to artists wanting to profit from their talent. For five days every week, listeners can learn how to grow profits, create passive income, and plan for long-term financial growth.

The podcast has upwards of 200 episodes, many featuring interviews with artists and other professionals in the art world who offer insights and describe their business experiences. For example, in one episode, North Carolina Museum of Art curator Jennifer Dasal gives tips on how to craft offers. In another episode, documentary filmmaker Kelly Richmond Pope shares how revenue can be the most creative part of building a business. These episodes and many more are available at Artists in Business.

​Creative Pep Talk

​Freelance illustrator Andy J. Miller, the force behind the Creative Pep Talk podcast, aims to help artists make a good living from making great art. Miller provides vital tips on how artists can break into business, and his sense of humor makes listening to the podcast an interesting and entertaining experience.

The podcast is more than 200 episodes old. Each week, Miller delivers monologues and interviews that deal with topics such as improving creative performance and marketing. Many guests have also imparted their wisdom and insight, including illustrator Loveis Wise, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, comedian Johnny Pemberton, and musician Cathy Heller.

Episodes are sponsored by different companies, and the podcast also receives support from Each episode has different sponsors while the podcast as a whole receives financial support from more than 200 donors on Patreon. Sign up for the free newsletter and receive special access to the first 100 episodes of Creative Pep Talk.

​Sound & Vision

​Artists and musicians take center stage at Sound and Vision, hosted by award-winning artist and curator Brian Alfred. He visits gallery exhibitions and artists' studios to discuss various aspects of life as a creative person.

The podcast has surpassed the 150-episode mark, with each episode lasting one hour or longer. The maiden episode was recorded in April 2016 and, like the following episodes over the years, listeners get to hear artists discussing their creative processes informally and engagingly, in settings where they feel most at ease. Artists who have been interviewed on the show include Danielle Orchard, Steve Keene, and Chris Martin.

The podcast's sponsors include Golden Artist Colors, the New York Studio School, Barron Arts, and more. It has more than 30,000 subscribers. You can be one of them at Sound and Vision.

The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

​At the Artist Next Level podcast, host Sergio Gomez interviews art professionals and artists who are successful in their careers. They share resources, tools, and practical techniques to help enable artists to build a fulfilling career in art.

There are more than 160 episodes in the podcast so far. Topics that have been discussed run the gamut from growing audience engagement on Instagram to the importance of being patient to finding international art opportunities. Among the artists that have been interviewed for the podcast are Sarah Opat, Jaime Foster, Phil Irish, and Marilyn Artus.

The podcast is a production of Art NXT Level, a company Gomez co-founded with A. Yanina Gomez. Head to The Artist Next Level to be inspired every week and to learn how to develop the art career you've been dreaming about.

Interviews by Brainard Carey

​There are more than 1,300 interviews in this podcast, hosted by artist and author Brainard Carey. It's hosted by Yale University radio WYBCX and is available on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Android, Spotify, and more.

Interviews have been conducted with a variety of people in the arts, who talk about their studio practice. The most popular interviews are those with artists, critics, and curators, but others in the arts have also been featured, including poets, filmmakers, musicians, architects, and museum directors. Some notable examples are curator, writer, editor and public speaker Lisa Le Feuvre, Romanian photographer Andrei Farcasanu, painting teacher Dana DeGiulio, poet Paul Genega, and multidisciplinary artist Ann Messner.

With his wife Delia, Carey created the art collaborative called Praxis and a project called the Museum of Non-Visible Art, of which the podcast is part. Visit at Interviews by Brainard Carey.

​The Conversation

​Broadcasting out of Los Angeles, California, The Conversation art podcast is hosted by Michael Shaw. He chats with contemporary artists, collectors, curators, and dealers about anything and everything that has to do with the world of contemporary art.

Shaw and his guests give listeners a glimpse into what goes behind the scenes in various artistic settings, such as studios and galleries. In episode 228, for instance, artist Jordan Seiler talks about the need for more awareness of shared public spaces. In episode 226, Brigitte Mulholland describes the experiences of women working in art galleries, and in episode 250, Shaw and artist Cassie Thornton discuss the transformation of studio art into socially engaged art.

Shaw is an artist who launched the podcast in 2011, attracted by the medium's performance-like approach to conversation. It's a member of an international podcast network called Cultural Bandwidth, and listeners can subscribe via Apple iTunes or Stitcher. Check out The Conversation.

​The Lonely Palette

On The Lonely Palette podcast, creator and host Tamar Avishai brings art history to life and makes fine art more accessible. She does this by interviewing people in front of an art object, listening to their insights, and delving into the object's history, context, and anecdotes to show just what it is that makes that object so extraordinary. 

In one episode, for instance, she talks about Rembrandt van Rijn's perfect portrait work as exemplified by his painting of Aeltje Uyleburgh. In another episode, she discusses issues about art's exclusivity and the role of outsider art which were uncovered by the botched restoration of the painting Ecce Homo.

The Lonely Palette is part of Hub & Spoke, a collective of independent podcasts established in 2017. Tamar Avishia is an art historian and an independent radio producer who lives in Massachusetts. Listen to her at The Lonely Palette.

​The Sculptor's Funeral

​Hosted by acclaimed sculptor Jason Arkles, The Sculptor's Funeral is a podcast that aims to strengthen connections between contemporary sculptors working in the figurative tradition and their historic predecessors. The first episode was released in October 2014, in which Arkles talked about the seeming decline of figurative sculpture in the 20th century. Topics in the succeeding episodes include art history, interviews with other sculptors, the merits of sculptors of the past centuries, techniques, tools, and more.

Artists who have been interviewed by Arkles for the podcast include Heidi Wastweet, Mark Jackson, Brian Booth Craig, Raffaello Romanelli,  Michael Defeo, and Robert Bodem. Arkles has also tackled the works and lives of renowned sculptors such as Michelangelo, Donatello, and Rodin.

Jason Arkles is an American sculptor who lives in Florence, Italy. He works in the traditional methods and creates large-scale figurative sculptures in marble, bronze, terracotta, and wood. Listen to him at The Sculptor's Funeral.

​A Piece of Work

A production of WNYC Studios and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), A Piece of Work is a 10-episode fine-art podcast hosted by illustrator, comedian, writer, and actress Abbi Jacobson. She also co-created and co-starred in the television comedy Broad City with Ilana Glazer.

The podcast focuses on making contemporary and modern art more accessible. Jacobson attempts to do this by bringing her friends and other people to MoMa to talk with art professionals and explore the artwork in the museum. In one episode, she and comedian Hannibal Buress examine Dada and Surrealist sculptures; in another, she and essayist Samantha Irby check out a light installation by James Turrell. Jacobson also records conversations with MoMA curators such as Thomas Lax and Paola Antonelli about topics that include emojis and a 1964 performance art piece called Meat Joy by Carolee Schneemann. Listen and laugh at A Piece of Work.

​Artist/Mother Podcast

​Based in rural Tennessee, host Kaylan Buteyn interviews mothers who are also artists on the Artist/Mother Podcast. The show is meticulously curated, and each invited artist offers a glimpse into her artistic practices, family life, and strategies she uses to balance her identities as an artist and as a mother.

Buteyn's guests are artists who live in the USA and other countries. Her earliest interviews include those with American mixed-media artist Denise Gasser who lives in Canada, Spanish artist Judith Farr, and Jaime Rovenstine, an artist and curatorial assistant in Kansas City, Missouri. The artists she interviews have long lists of accomplishments and have participated in national and international exhibitions. Buteyn also shares events happening in the Artist/Mothers community in special episodes that she creates periodically. Visit the Artist/Mother Podcast to hear inspiring stories of motherhood and the practice of art.

​Smart Art Business

​The Smart Art Business podcast is a creation by Conception, an organization that produces art events in various cities around the USA. Hosted by Conception co-founder and director Rachel Wilkins, it's dedicated to giving artists a leg up in the art business by dispensing helpful advice and informative interviews with artists and other professionals in the business.

The maiden episode featured artist Andrew Kochie, who described his successful sold-out shows. Other episodes deal with topics such as how to build a fanbase, connecting with celebrity collectors, building a personal brand, and tips for approaching an art gallery. Guests who have appeared on the podcast include artust Suzanne Scott, football player Robert McClain III, street artist Ron English, and serial entrepreneur Russell Lundstrom. Visit The Smart Art Business podcast to hear their stories.

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