​Top Online Galleries for Artists

We have curated a list of top online galleries that allow you to show and sell your art.

Don't see one you love? Let us know and we will be happy to review and consider adding it to the list.

​Saatchi Art

​When it comes to expertise and reach in the world of online art galleries, Saatchi Art is tough to beat. Its credentials are impressive: it represents artists in more than 100 countries, sells artwork to collectors all over the world, boasts millions of page views monthly, and hosts international shows and fairs that reach roughly 150,000 people every year.

Creating an account at Saatchi Art offers a plethora of benefits for artists. A team of curators is on hand to review all the artwork that's submitted, members are promoted to Saatchi Art's millions of followers on social media, and an Art Advisory service makes personal recommendations to trade clients and art collectors.

Saatchi Art also takes out the guesswork from creating and operating an online gallery. The site handles all the shipping logistics, offers secure online payments by wire transfer, check or PayPal, and provides financial protection to both artists and collectors on every sale. The website 35% on every piece of artwork sold, much lower than the 50% that many other online art galleries usually charge. Head over to Saatchi Art to sign up for free today.


​Based in the city of Montpellier in southern France, Artmajeur is a digital marketplace that connects both amateur and professional artists directly with buyers. With more than 5 million page views every month, it's a terrific online gallery for getting artwork seen by collectors and art enthusiasts all over the planet.

Artists can sign up for a free account and showcase up to ten of their best works. For each item sold by an artist on the basic (free) subscription, a 10% commission is taken. With the Platinum + Website offer, artists can take advantage of Artmajeur's extensive network to promote their masterpieces and showcase their best works on websites with their own domain names. Also with this account, which costs just over US$12 a month, artists can sell original pieces without having to pay any commission on sales. If artworks are sold as licensed digital files, the seller receives 70% of the royalties they have set. Check out how you can advance your art career at Artmajeur.


​Artfinder connects creative types who come up with unique, handmade artwork that's produced ethically and sustainably with like-minded art enthusiasts all over the planet. More than 15,000 new artworks are introduced by Artfinder every month, from thousands of artists in over a hundred countries.

Selling on ArtFinder is a good idea for many reasons. Artists gain access to a global audience of more than half a billion art lovers, receive partner discounts, and can take advantage of dedicated support and tools to develop their careers. Establishing a virtual store on Artfinder makes it easy to manage product pricing and listings. Performance stats and insights are also easily accessible, so artists can tweak their strategies to gain more exposure and sell more.

Commissions are based on the type of Seller Plan subscription an artist chooses. For the free Starter Plan, a 40% commission is levied, while the Standard Plan and the Professional Plan have lower commission rates at 33%. Note that value-added tax (VAT) is also deducted for sellers who are based in the European Union. Learn more at Artfinder.

​Artful Home

​From its beginnings as The Guild in 1985, Artful Home has become a powerhouse in the world of online art merchandising. Its juried collection of more than 20,000 items includes art glass, sculpture, apparel and shoes, furniture and lighting, jewelry, home decor, wall art, and more.

Applying to be an Artful Home artist is pretty straightforward. Just send an artist statement, information and high-quality photographs of your artwork, and pay the one-time membership fee of US$300 once your application is approved. This fee can also be paid in installments of US$25 a month for one year. Artists can set the prices for their artwork, keeping in mind the 50% commission that Artful Home takes on each sale.

The benefits of being an Artful Home artist are legion. In addition to being part of a prestigious group whose works are juried by art professionals, artists are also supported with active and direct marketing. The company represents mainly North American artists, and its website receives well over a million visitors every year. Learn more at Artful Home.


​With a reach that spans every U.S. state and 50 countries all over the world, UGallery is a terrific platform for artists to promote and sell their work. Operating since 2006, it represents approximately 500 artists in the USA and abroad.

The four-step application process to become a UGallery artist takes only 10-15 minutes to complete. Artists working in virtually every medium, genre, and style--excluding video art--are welcome to send in an application, which costs US$5. Successful applicants benefit from UGallery's comprehensive marketing campaign, which includes online ads, social media promotion, and public relations blitzes. Custom art boxes and prepaid FedEx labels are provided to artists in the USA and Canada, while artists living in other countries will be reimbursed for their packaging and shipping label expenses.

​UGallery takes a 50% commission on each sale and requires artwork shown on the website to be exclusive to UGallery for the entire time of its representation. Learn more about how it works at UGallery.


​Based in London, England, IdeelArt is a curated online gallery that has been representing contemporary abstract artists since 2015. It's an authoritative voice in its field, showcasing carefully selected individuals from a huge pool of abstract artists.

The talented creatives in IdeelArt's stable of artists aren't new to the world of art. They're typically already well-established in their careers, have participated in celebrated exhibitions, and are usually represented by other noted galleries. Candidates who pass the rigorous selection process benefit from IdeelArt's digital marketing campaigns, which are designed to enhance the online visibility of artists through the use of social media and online exhibitions.

IdeelArt also takes major steps to showcase and sell its represented artists' pieces on reputable marketplaces, manages payments and cash flows, and funds the free delivery of artwork. Contact IdeelArt to learn what it takes to become one of their artists.


Featuring ten million images for sale from more than 100,000 living artists and photographers, Pixels occupies a sizable spot in the world of online art galleries. Subjects and styles of artwork featured on the site run the gamut from abstract and landscapes, to still life and surrealism.

A standard account at Pixels is free and comes with plenty of great features. These include free web pages, auto-promotion on social media, and opportunities to participate in the 100+ competitions that are active on the website on any given day. Premium membership costs US$30 annually and comes with perks like the ability to upload unlimited images and to easily create white-label websites.

Artists can set their own prices and sell in multiple currencies. Perhaps best of all, they earn 100% of each piece of original artwork that they sell--no commission is collected by Pixels. However, it's the seller's responsibility to handle packaging, shipping, payment collection, and other steps involved in the transaction. Learn more at Pixels.


​Zatista is a highly curated online art gallery that features original pieces from artists located in more than 20 countries. Its discerning curators actively seek out exceptional original artwork in categories that include oil and acrylic paintings, pen and ink drawings, sculpture, limited edition photography, and hand-pulled prints.

Applying for artist membership on Zatista involves a three-step process: completing the online application, creating a user profile that includes several pieces of art to be listed, and waiting for a decision on the application. Once an artist is accepted, he or she benefits from Zatista's sophisticated marketing program, direct relationships with the site's network of designers, collectors, and buyers, access to partnerships with top retailers, and many more.

A flat commission fee of 45% is applied to each piece that's sold through the website. There are no listing or membership fees, and no additional fees are charged when payments from sales are sent to the artist's PayPal account. Check out Zatista for more details.


​A database filled with tens of thousands of potential buyers all over the planet is just one of the reasons artFido ranks among the top online galleries for artists. Launched in 2012 by Melbourne, Australia-based artist Juan Garcia, it's a great way for independent artists to sell their work and connect with art enthusiasts from near and far. 

​Creating an artFido account is free and easy. Members can achieve significant exposure by being featured in artFido's blog and social media, which count millions of followers. Listing artwork to sell online is made extremely simple with aids such as drop-down menus and easy-to-understand selling prompts. Selling formats include online auctions and "buy now" sales, and artFido helps sell members' artworks by placing auto-bids on the behalf of buyers.

It doesn't cost artists anything to list their pieces on artFido, but they do incur a 10% sales fee--plus any applicable taxes--of the price of the piece sold on the website. Head to artFido to register for free.


​More than 118,000 artists sell their original pieces with ArtPal, making it a force to be reckoned with in the online gallery space. Membership is free, an account is easy to create, and users can start showcasing and selling their art just minutes after signing up.

Artists of all kinds are welcome to create their free galleries on ArtPal, whether they're painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, photographers; the list goes on. Instructions for setting up a gallery are easy to follow, and uploading photos is fast and uncomplicated Neither membership fees nor commissions are charged, and ArtPal processes and transfers payments of sold pieces directly to the seller.

Artists don't have to grope their way through the intricacies of selling online. The support staff at ArtPal guide members through marketing their art and increasing their sales. Visit ​ArtPal today to set up your free gallery.


​As Australia's biggest online art marketplace, Bluethumb is instrumental in building bridges between local artists, collectors, and art lovers. Co-founded by Edward Hartley in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, it's managed by a team that's dedicated to helping Australian artists grow their visibility and connect with more potential buyers.

Artists who are based in Australia are eligible to sell their works on Bluethumb. Creating an account is quick and easy, and artists can start selling after they create their profile and upload high-definition images of their artwork. Promotions that Bluethumb uses to get the word out about artists include paid ads and newsletters to collectors and trade clients. There's also a chance to become a Featured Artist, which guarantees greater exposure and potentially greater sales.

What about fees? Bluethumb charges a 30% commission plus GST on each piece sold, while the shipping fee is added to an item's price. If you're an Australian-based artist, learn more about selling your art on Bluethumb.


​Launched by World Wide Arts Resources in 1999, absolutearts.com provides a platform for both novice and established artists all over the world. The website offers several options for artists to showcase their best works and connect with thousands of potential buyers.

A free account comes with the ability to upload 20 images of artworks, preview educational material, and access to beginner artist website features. The midlevel subscription costs US$55 annually and allows for 60 artworks as well as access to education and marketing materials. A premiere membership costs US$100 a year and has all the features of the free and midlevel accounts, plus the ability to showcase unlimited amounts of artworks. Members with free accounts get charged a sales commission of 35%, while those with midlevel and premiere memberships pay 25% and 20% respectively. The site handles all artwork sales regardless of the type of membership. Visit absolutearts.com to explore your options.

​Rise Art

​Rise Art is such a popular online sales platform for beginning and mid-level artists that sometimes they have to close their doors to new applications. Being a curated online gallery means that Rise Art reviews all incoming artists before they're permitted to display and sell their pieces on the site.

Those who pass the application process will find a host of benefits that will help them advance their careers in the art world. In addition to exposure to upwards of a million visitors each month, they can take advantage of bespoke marketing campaigns and programs that are released weekly and receive support from Art Rise's curatorial, sales, and marketing teams. Rise Art members are also free to display their works on other online galleries since exclusivity isn't a requirement at Rise Art.

The site charges a commission of 40% on each sale, plus a payment charge of up to 3% for bank card/processing fees. For sellers in the European Union, value-added tax (VAT) of 20% is levied on the commission and payment charge. Shipping costs are added on top of the item's price. Visit Rise Art to see how it works.

Makers Market

​Makers Market is always on the lookout for independent American artists and artisans, particularly those who transform locally-sourced raw materials into functional artwork. The pieces displayed online and in Makers Market's physical stores in California range from artwork and apparel to home goods and jewelry, all of which reflect the ideals of American craftsmanship and sustainability.

Applying to be a Maker for the company's website and brick-and-mortar stores is pretty simple. Just fill out the online application form, pay the US$20 application fee, and wait for feedback, which is usually given within two weeks. Makers Market purchases items at wholesale pricing, and may occasionally request their artists to dropship a special order.

Founded by Suzy Ekman in San Francisco, the company counts artists, designers, and craftspeople located throughout the United States. To know more about becoming a Maker, head over to Makers Market today.


​Based in Lakewood, Colorado, Yessy has always been--and continues to be--about providing a better way for artists to sell their works. Its philosophy of contributing to the art community by helping artists market their pieces with a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use system is one of the things that makes Yessy an esteemed online art gallery.

Artists from all over the world can sign up to join Yessy and get their works promoted through advertisements with major sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many more. Yessy also uses programs such as the Yessy Directory and Search to spread the word about its artists. When an item is purchased, Yessy sends the payment instantly to the artist's PayPal account. No commissions are charged on each sale, but it's' the seller's responsibility to package and ship items to buyers.

If you're interested in finding out what Yessy has to offer, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial where you can upload as many images of your artwork as you want. Beyond the free trial, annual membership costs US$59, or about US$5 a month. Visit Yessy to try it out today.

Diva Art Group

The Diva Art Group has made a name for itself by featuring exquisite fine art and original artwork by artists from all over the world. Operating online as one of the first three galleries to go online since 1995, it showcases works by respected and highly acclaimed artists such as Lelia Pissarro, Philippe Bertho, and Graciela Rodo Boulanger.

To list their artwork, potential sellers must register online, upload images of the works they plan to sell, and wait for a Diva Art Group consultant to review the listing. For artists, a commission of 30% is retained by the company on each piece sold, based on the net price. The seller shoulders all packing charges while the shipping charges are paid for by the buyer. To protect both the buyer and seller, Diva Art Group acts as escrow, shipping purchased items once the buyer's payment is received, and paying the seller once the buyer receives the artwork and confirms satisfaction.

Diva Art Group was established in 1993 and went online in 1995. Its founder, Sandy Maghan, has nearly four decades of promoting and selling fine art, so she knows more than a thing or two about helping artists grow online. Learn more at Diva Art Group.


​Singulart is the result of a plan by entrepreneurs Vera Kempf, Brice Licompte, and Denis Fayolle to create an online platform that will let artists manage the sale of their works to a broad audience. Established in 2017, it's the stomping grounds of artists who shine in their own countries and who exhibit the potential to become internationally renowned.

Singulart artists can achieve international visibility since the company markets their work and profile to buyers all over the world. Selling online is made easier with the digital tools that Singulart provides to help artists manage their artwork on the Internet. And because Singulart takes care of business details such as marketing campaigns, shipping, delivery, online payment, and insurance, artists can keep their focus on creating more beautiful pieces to showcase and sell.

Singulart selects artists based on several criteria. These include already having an established practice, being educated at reputable art schools, having exhibited nationally and internationally, and more. Visit Singulart for more details.


​Recognizing the growth of the online art market, Artist.com aims to help emerging and established artists increase their sales, grow their visibility, and forge connections with fellow artists and potential buyers all over the world. The site welcomes artists in various disciplines, including digital art, fine art, photography, sculptures, drawings, and more.

Artist registration is free. It's extremely easy, too: complete the online registration form, upload your art's images and descriptions, and select which items you want to sell. When a buyer pays for a piece of art, the seller is notified to ship the item; the cost of shipping is added to the item's sale price. Once the buyer confirms acceptance of the artwork in good condition, the payment is sent to the seller's PayPal account. Artist.com retains a commission of 75% of the item's sale price plus shipping fees.

Artists can also register for the Paint and Supply Discount club, through which they can buy thousands of art supplies at significant discounts. Check out Artist.com to learn more.

Our West Virginia

​Wall art, furniture, wearables, artisan jewelry and many others that showcase the spirit of West Virginia and Appalachia are proudly offered at our West Virginia. Artists don't necessarily have to live in West Virginia to create a presence and sell on Our West Virginia. However, applicants need to undergo a screening process where a jury will evaluate the uniqueness of their offerings, artisan quality, and professional character.

Vendors on the website are exposed to hundreds of potential buyers who visit daily to look for beautiful, unique, and handmade items from the Appalachian region. Our West Virginia also has tens of thousands of followers on social media. Artists can expand their brands with their own digital storefront and list their artworks in multiple categories on the website's common store.

Approved vendors pay US$0.50 for each order and a commission of 12.5% on total sales. They can leave all advertising, public relations, and payment transactions to the site's helpful and efficient team and focus on their art. Visit Our West Virginia for more information.

ADC Fine Art

Created by Litsa Spanos more than two decades ago, Art Design Consultants (ADC) is a highly-respected organization in the art world. It has received numerous awards and has been praised in reputable publications such as Art Business News.

ADC Fine Art represents talented and professional artists through its Blink Art division. With hundreds of thousands of page views and 10,000+ followers on social media, it's a great way to increase online visibility and connect with potential buyers. Targeted, large-scale exposure is also achieved through Blink Art's print and gallery partnerships. ADC also sponsors the annual Art Comes Alive (ACA) fine art contest and exhibit, where artists in North America can gain valuable exposure and win awards and contracts.

There is no fee to apply for representation with ADC and Blink Art. Simply complete the online registration form and wait for the site's jury of artists, design professionals, and marketers to review your portfolio. Try it now at ADC Fine Art.


​To serve the worldwide art community by helping artists promote and sell their art was what founder and chief executive officer Rudolph van Valkenburg had in mind when he established ArtQuid in 2008. Since then, the online gallery has received more than 20 million unique visitors from all over the world.

Artists can create an account for free, upload up to ten high-quality photos of their artwork to customized galleries, and receive votes and feedback from other members of the community. With premium membership, which costs US$29.95 a year, sellers can exhibit unlimited numbers of their artworks, take advantage of three templates of 3D galleries, and have galleries in virtual reality--which can be a game-changer in the sales process. They can also negotiate and sell directly to buyers, promote their works on ArtQuid's social networks, and see their artist profile at the top of the site's listings. A 10% commission is taken from each sale. Learn more at ArtQuid.


​ARTmine is a digital art gallery that's owned and operated by the fine art specialist Agora Gallery in New York City. Contemporary artists at all stages of their careers are welcome to submit their portfolios for representation.

Successful applicants can choose from numerous promotional options, which include participation in collective exhibitions, listings in New York art publications, social media exposure, targeted public relations, assistance with pricing, and many more. ARTmine deducts a 30% commission for each sale, which can occur on the website or at its exhibitions.  Shipping and framing expenses are shouldered by the seller. The gallery's representation and promotion programs range from the Digital option, which costs US$3,450 a year, all the way to Premium, which is available for US$17,850 annually. Payment of the representation fee can be made one time or staggered into 3 or 6 monthly payments. A fee of US$50 is charged for submitting a portfolio for review. Learn more at ARTmine.


​Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Artshow is known not only as a great place to learn about ongoing art competitions and awards but also as an online gallery where artists can promote their art and quickly increase the number of visitors to their websites.

To get accepted as an Associate Member on Artshow, all you need to do is to send your name, email, and website address and wait for the curatorial staff to review your work. Once you are accepted, Artshow will link to your website and post images of your pieces to the appropriate search categories, namely "artist," "theme," and "medium." Artshow is visited by more than 25,000 viewers monthly, a significant number of potential buyers. For this service, the site charges an annual fee of US$40. See how artists are promoted and learn how you can be one of them by heading over to Artshow.


​Combining the best of art galleries, stores, marketplaces, and communities, MesArt provides an online platform for artists to display, advertise, promote, and sell their works. From its roots as a community of artists in San Francisco in 2002, it has grown into a large digital space where creative types show and market fine art and handmade original products.

There are several types of MesArt packages that artists can choose from. The basic Lobby package is free and allows a single piece of artwork to be displayed. Paid packages include the Portfolio, Artist Studio, Artist Gallery, and Open Studio. Among the perks that these options offer are links to artists' own websites, art descriptions, and artist biography. Opportunities to be featured on the MesArt home page are available to those who sign up for a Portfolio, Artist Studio or Artist Gallery account. A commission of 15% on sales that are made through MesArt is retained by the website. More information is available over at MesArt.


​Close to 50,000 artists are getting sales and commissions on ArtWeb, an online gallery established by Chris Kirkland in the mid-2000s. Today, its database is bursting with more than 300,000 works of art, evidence of the site's popularity among artists all over the world.

ArtWeb offers several packages to help artists sell their works. With the Free package, you can upload a maximum of 15 images, choose from templates that are ready to use, take advantage of an artweb.com domain, and receive customer support 24/7. Upgrading to the paid Basic and Pro packages enables artists to use premium website templates, have their work featured across the whole ArtWeb.com network, and enable them to sell directly in the ArtWeb marketplace.

Uploading images and setting up a personal gallery is easy and quick, and no commission is charged for selling artwork. Register for free at ArtWeb.


​Society6 hosts a diverse community of artists numbering in the hundreds of thousands from all over the world, providing them with the digital space to showcase and sell their works. Many members sell their original designs as consumer products that range from art prints and apparel to home decor items and stationery.

Millions of people visit the Society6 website regularly, presenting artists with the opportunity to connect with potential buyers. A team of experts handles printing, shipping, marketing, and customer service so artists can devote more of their time to creating. Artists are paid 10% of the products they sell, except for framed prints, canvas prints, and art prints. For these items, artists can make more money by setting up their own custom mark-up. There's no monthly fee charged to use and sell on the website. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, check out how Society6 can help you grow your art career.


​Launched in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, Redbubble provides more than 700,000 artists and designers in various countries with an online platform where they can sell their artworks and connect with millions of art lovers.

Getting started couldn't be any easier. Anyone over the age of 16 can sign up for free and start making their artwork available for sale online almost immediately. The Partner Program is particularly popular. It's where artists can create fan art about brands that Redbubble has partnered with, including TV shows, cartoons, movies, and celebrities. Artists earn from the mark-up on the base price of an item and are paid every 15th of the month for every shipped sale made once earnings reach the US$20 payment threshold.

Submitted designs can be made into a wide variety of products such as wall art, clothing, cell phone cases, stickers, and more. Visit Redbubble to create a free account.

Axis Web

​Based in Wakefield in the UK, Axis Web is an independent charity and online gallery that supports a diverse community of artists and their creations. Members are provided with access to networks, mentoring, awards, and various other opportunities to become more visible in the world of art.

You can choose from several membership options. Directory Membership, which costs £1.75 a month, enables sellers to join a select listing of artists profiled and promoted throughout the Axisweb network. The Opportunity Finder subscription helps artists easily and quickly find relevant opportunities to grow their careers. For £2.50 per month, the Network Associate option enables users to join one of Great Britain's biggest artist networks and to receive artist insurance. A Membership Bundle that combines all the perks of the Directory Membership, Opportunity Finder, and Network Associate programs is also available at £4.50 a month. Learn more at Axis Web.


​Headquartered in Montreal in Canada, Pictorem is dedicated to showing and making high-quality wall art. It enjoys a presence in nearly a hundred countries and has shipped more than 70,000 pieces of artwork from almost 5,000 member artists.

Membership is free and there are no subscription or registration fees to be paid. Artists can upload their works to the online gallery and have the ability to control each sale's final price and profit. They can opt for a flat price or a price based on size. Pictorem makes money by adding its printing costs to the item price set by the artist--they don't take any commission on sales.

There are many different online gallery styles to choose from, which can be easily organized with distinct categories for optimal presentation. There's also an image generator that artists can use to provide a better online shopping experience to potential buyers. See more at Pictorem.


​A premium online marketplace where fine art by renowned artists from all over the world is showcased, Artspace has been reaching an international audience since its establishment in 2011. As a curated digital platform, it employs a highly selective artist selection process and accepts artwork only from artists who are represented by their institutional partners and their gallery.

Artists who use Artspace to sell their works describe how easy it is to work with the site. They see an increase in sales from promotional efforts such as email campaigns. The website's Weekly Curators' Picks also gives artists plenty of online exposure. The variety of artworks that Artspace sells is all-encompassing, including prints, paintings, photographs, mixed media, new media, and sculptures. Prices from all points of the spectrum are represented, from as low as US$20 to as high as US$200,000. Visit Artspace to read more.

Buy Some Damn Art

​Many independent artists in the United States and other countries showcase and sell their original works on Buy Some Damn Art, an online gallery operated by Kate Singleton. The website welcomes submissions in various types of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, mixed-media, and collage. However, photography, digital art, and reproductions of original artwork aren't accepted.

Wherever you are in the world, if you're looking to sell your work on BSDA, fill out the submission form on the website and wait for the results of the review by curators. Successful applicants gain exposure to BSDA's large community of art buyers and use the artist-friendly platform. BSDA takes care of the administrative tasks involved in selling art online and retains half of the sales as its commission. BSDA also handles shipping by supplying the artist with a pre-paid Fedex label. Visit Buy Some Damn Art for more information.


​ArtGallery.co.uk is one of the UK's highly rated online gallery in terms of the products and services it provides. Artists from 38 countries sell their works, which range from as low as under £50 to as high as over £2,000.

The Silver Membership is free and allows artists to upload up to three pieces of artwork. Upgrade to a Gold Membership for £30 a year and you can upload up to 150 images of your artwork and be part of a four-week feature on the New Artists section of the home page. Other key benefits of membership include a fully-automated admin system and invoicing system, free anti-fraud screening, free search engine promotion, and many more.

Artists are free to set the price for their art, which should include packaging and shipping. A commission of 35% is taken by ArtGallery.co.uk from that price to cover the costs of things like credit card processing fees, advertising, and value-added tax. Visit ArtGallery.co.uk to create your free account today.

Daily Painters

​More than a hundred painters across the United States show their artwork at Daily Painters. This online gallery was established by Colorado artist Micah Condon in 2006 to give artists space in the digital world to promote their works.

Admission to sell on the site involves an extremely selective process. According to Condon, a jury process is used to choose artists who will be featured on the site. He also mentioned the importance of daily painting and his preference for seeing several new works every week, at least. Tens of thousands of paintings are showcased on the website, ranging in price from below US$100 to upwards of US$2,000. Networking with other daily painters and having the ability to increase sales are a few of what makes the site appealing.

Member profiles on the website feature images of artists' works, short biographies, their email, and links to their independent sites. Check out today's featured artists at Daily Painters.

New Blood Art

​Sarah Ryan established New Blood Art in the UK to help exciting and up-and-coming artists unleash their masterpieces in the art market. Widely publicized in the press, the online gallery has featured artists who have moved on to establish noteworthy careers.

The focus of the gallery is on emerging UK artists. Founder Sarah is an ex-art tutor and she personally tours the UK art colleges, scouting for the most exciting emerging artists. However, artists all over the world who are in the early stage of their careers are invited to submit their work for admission to the gallery. All that's needed to be done is to complete the Online Artist Submission form on the website, attach images of at least five original artworks--including retail prices and descriptions--and wait for feedback, which usually comes within seven days.

Artists are free to set their prices and can work with the site's staff to develop a pricing strategy. Creating an online gallery is free, though there's a commission retained on each sale. Try it out at New Blood Art today.


​Founded by artist Eric Sparre in 1999, Artspan creates online galleries and websites for contemporary emerging artists worldwide. Its commitment to helping artists, photographers, and designers use the Internet to showcase and sell their art through easy-to-use websites makes it a popular choice in the global art community.

There are three membership options to choose from. The Basic Artist Website, the Professional Artist Website, and the Pro Plus Artist Website; subscription costs are US$8.30, US$16.60, and US$24.90 per month respectively. Members are privy to marketing tools, automatic sales tax calculators, free Artspan subdomains or a full free domain name (depending on subscription type) and many more. They can also take advantage of exclusive discounts on art supplies. A commission of 10% is taken on sales made through Artspan; there's no commission on sales made directly from the artist's independent website. Artists can sign up for a 30-day free trial and can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time they wish. Visit at Artspan.


​ArtWanted.com is home to more than 50,000 artist portfolios that cover a variety of media including digital art, photography, sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Launched in 1999, it's owned and managed by Art Slam, a company that's dedicated to the arts.

Basic membership is free and comes with a whole slew of perks. These include a personal online portfolio, statistics reports, artwork feedback, and PayPal integration. Premium membership features include unlimited images, a mobile web app, and sub-galleries. The Personal Website option comes with a dedicated personal site, a custom domain name, advanced customizations, and more. No commission fees are collected, no matter the type of membership. Premium membership costs US$5 a month while the Personal Website plan goes for US$10 per month. Users are also free to upgrade or downgrade their account at any time. Visit ArtWanted.com to sign up for free and explore your options.


​Take a look at the home page of Artsy Home and you'll see images of gorgeous original art created by thousands of emerging and established artists located all over the planet. Sculptures, paintings, photographs, and prints are just some of what's in this online art gallery's collections.

All manner of artists are invited to register for free and start listing their works for sale, but Artsy Home is particularly interested in paintings, sculptures, pottery, wood carvings, jewelry, and more. The professional staff works efficiently behind the scenes to get members found on all search engines and uses methods such as email marketing, advertising, and social media to promote artists to potential buyers.

There are no listing fees or monthly fees to be paid, but a 25% commission of an item's retail price is collected when it's sold. Discover more at Artsy Home.

Eye Buy Art

​Introduced by Emily McInnes in 2009, Eye Buy Art is an online photography gallery that showcases award-winning, fine art images by photographers who are trailblazers in the visual arts. These curated artists are from the USA, Canada, and the UK, and their photographs have been shipped to numerous countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Carribean, Asia, and Oceania.

Not everyone can apply to exhibit and sell on Eye Buy Art. Many of the site's photographers are selected from the annual Flash Forward competition, where the entries are reviewed and chosen by a jury composed of respected art and photography professionals. Guest curators also play a role in choosing photographers whom they think have enormous potential. Photographers ages 34 years and below who live in the USA, Canada, and the UK are eligible to participate in Flash Forward, and win a chance to be featured on Eye Buy Art.

Daily Paintworks

​Daily Paintworks started when artist Carol Marine requested her husband David, who's a programmer, to build a website that's straightforward, rich in features, yet easy to use, where she and other painters could display and sell their paintings. Today, this family-run online gallery hosts more than 180,000 paintings from over 1,600 artists. Every day, 200 new paintings and other pieces of fine art are added to the website, testament to its popularity among artists worldwide.

Simplicity is the name of the game at Daily Paintworks. For US$12.95 a month, members can upload an unlimited number of their best paintings. They get their own mobile-friendly website with customizable themes, access to a portfolio manager for tracking sales and traffic, and opportunities to participate in monthly challenges and monthly cash prize contests. No sales commissions are collected on all sales except for those sold in auctions, from which Daily Paintworks takes a 3% cut. Visit Daily Paintworks and sign up for a free 30-day trial.


​Some of today's best contemporary artists call ArtStar their digital home. Founded by Chrissy Crawford Corredor in 2010, it boasts a meticulously curated selection of art prints. All prints are produced in limited editions to maintain their value, printed to museum quality, and hold full authentication by the artist.

ArtStar's team of experts scours art fairs, galleries, and artists' studios all over the world to choose excellent examples of unique, blue-chip fine art that cannot be found in any other gallery. The company's commitment to its artists can be seen in how it promotes their work and their websites to a broader international audience. Prices of beautiful, one-of-a-kind artworks showcased on the site start from US$100.

If you'd like the chance to be featured on ArtStar, drop them an email with a link to your website. Visit ArtStar today to learn more.

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